Checking flights...


London Victoria (National Express, £18, four hours, one daily)

Lyme Regis (Bus X51, £4.80, 1¼ hours, hourly Monday to Saturday)

Sherborne (Bus X11, £4.70, 1¼ hours, four to seven daily Monday to Saturday)

Weymouth (Bus 10, £2, 30 minutes, half-hourly)


Dorchester has two train stations.

Trains leave Dorchester West for Bath and Bristol (£20, two to 2½ hours, at least six daily).

Services from Dorchester South, running at least hourly, include the following:

Bournemouth (£13, 45 minutes)

London Waterloo (£34, 2¾ hours)

Southampton (£26, 1½ hours)

Weymouth (£5, 10 minutes)