Chagford attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in Chagford

Castle Drogo

Three miles northeast of Chagford, this outlandish architectural flight of fancy was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens for self-made food-millionaire Julius Drewe. Built between 1911 and 1931, it was intended to be a mo…
Forest in Chagford

Fingle Woods

One of the last remaining patches of ancient woodland left on Dartmoor, this lovely 214-hectare forest was badly marred by the introduction of fast-growing conifers in the postwar years. Now jointly owned by the Woo…
Archaeological Site in Chagford

Scorhill Stone Circle

At around 30m in diameter, Scorhill is impressive, despite around half the stones (27) only still standing. It's tucked away on open moor near Gidleigh.
Archaeological Site in Chagford

Grey Wethers

At this remote site near Chagford, stone circles stand side by side on a stretch of open moor; another stone circle is 400m away near Fernworthy.