Top Choice Modern British in Royal Crescent & Northern Bath


Chef Ali Golden has turned this bistro into one of Bath's destination addresses. Her taste is for British dishes with a Continental twist, à la British food writer Elizabeth David: rabbit, Wiltshire lamb and West Co…
Top Choice Modern British in Bath

Menu Gordon Jones

If you enjoy dining with an element of surprise, then Gordon Jones' restaurant will be right up your culinary boulevard. Menus are dreamt up daily and showcase the chef's taste for experimental ingredients (expect m…
Top Choice Bakery in City Centre

Thoughtful Bread Company

Come lunchtime they could well be queuing out the door of this snug artisan bakery, where chunky loaves sit alongside delicate macaroons and salted caramel bombs. They also have a stall at Bath's Saturday farmers ma…
Top Choice Vegetarian in City Centre


Proudly proclaiming 'plants taste better', Bath's premier vegetarian restaurant tempts you inside with aromas reflecting its imaginative, global-themed cuisine. The wine flights (two/three courses £15/22) matched to…
Cafe in City Centre

Café Retro

A poke in the eye for the corporate coffee chains. The paint job's scruffy, the crockery's ancient and none of the furniture matches, but that's all part of the charm: this is a cafe from the old school, and there a…
Cafe in City Centre

Pump Room Restaurant

Elegance is everywhere in this tall, Georgian room, from the string trio and Corinthian columns to the oil paintings and glinting chandeliers. It sets the scene perfectly for morning coffee, classic lunches and the …
Cafe in City Centre

Sally Lunn's

Eating a bun at Sally Lunn's is a Bath tradition. It's all about proper English tea here, brewed in bone-china teapots, with finger sandwiches and dainty cakes served by waitresses in frilly aprons.
Cafe in Royal Crescent & Northern Bath

Same Same But Different

In this boho hang-out for the town's trendies you can tuck into picante poached eggs for breakfast, gourmet sandwiches for lunch and afternoon cappuccino and cake. Evenings bring creative tapas – think a zesty lime …
Gastropub in Royal Crescent & Northern Bath

Marlborough Tavern

The queen of Bath's gastropubs has food that's closer to that of a fine-dining restaurant – think smoked white bean puree, and crab and ginger salad rather than bog-standard meat-and-two-veg. Chunky wooden tables an…
Cafe in Royal Crescent & Northern Bath


This cool cafe-bar offers something to everyone at most times of the day: breakfast cappuccino, lunchtime soup and late-night beer and cocktails. There's great outdoor seating at the back.