Top Choice Modern British in Bath


Chef Ali Golden has turned this bistro into one of Bath's destination addresses. Her taste is for British dishes with a continental twist, à la Elizabeth David: rabbit, Wiltshire lamb, and West Country fish are all …
Top Choice Modern British in Bath

Menu Gordon Jones

If you enjoy dining with an element of surprise, then Gordon Jones' restaurant will be right up your culinary boulevard. Menus are dreamt up daily and showcase the chef's taste for experimental ingredients (eel, hag…
Cafe in Bath

Adventure Cafe Bar

This cool cafe-bar, just a slipper's throw from the Assembly Rooms, offers something to everyone at most times of the day: morning cappuccino, lunchtime ciabatta and late-night beer and cocktails. There's great outd…
Cafe in Bath

Café Retro

A poke in the eye for the corporate coffee chains. The paint job's scruffy, the crockery's ancient and none of the furniture matches, but that's all part of the charm: this is a cafe from the old school, and there a…
Italian in Bath

Sotto Sotto

The setting is superb – an artfully lit vaulted brick chamber – and the food matches it for style. Authentic Italian dishes are likely to include Parma ham–wrapped sea bass sautéed in white wine, and a spicy seafood…
Cafe in Bath

Sally Lunn's

Eating a bun at Sally Lunn's is just one of those things you have to do in Bath. It's all about proper English tea here, brewed in bone-china teapots, with finger sandwiches and dainty cakes served by waitresses in …
Gastropub in Bath

Marlborough Tavern

The queen of Bath's gastropubs has food that's closer to that of a fine-dining restaurant – think duo of venison and pork tenderloin rather than bog-standard meat-and-two-veg. Chunky wooden tables and racks of wine …
Steak in Bath

Hudson Steakhouse

Steak, steak and more steak is this acclaimed eatery's raison d'être. Tuck into top-quality cuts from porterhouse to prime fillet, all sourced from a Staffordshire farmers' co-op.
Japanese in Bath

Yen Sushi

Bath's own kaiten (conveyor-belt) restaurant, with colour-coded dishes of nigiri, sushi and sashimi.
Bakery in Bath

Thoughtful Bread Company

Delicious handmade, slow food–themed pastries and breads. Also has a stall in the Saturday farmers' market at the old Green Park Station.