Opening hours may vary throughout the year, especially in rural areas where many places have shorter hours, or close completely, from October or November to March or April.

Banks 9.30am–4pm or 5pm Monday to Friday; some open 9.30am–1pm Saturday

Pubs & bars noon–11pm Monday to Saturday (some till midnight or 1am Friday and Saturday), 12.30pm–11pm Sunday

Shops 9am–5.30pm or 6pm Monday to Saturday, often 11am–5pm Sunday

Restaurants lunch noon–3pm, dinner 6pm–9pm or 10pm (later in cities)

Cafes & Restaurants

Most restaurants and cafes are open for lunch or dinner or both.

  • Standard hours for cafes are 9am to 5pm. Most cafes open daily.
  • In cities, some cafes open at 7am for breakfast, and shut at 6pm or later.
  • In country areas, some cafes open until 7pm or later in the summer. In winter months hours are reduced; some cafes close completely from October to Easter.
  • Standard hours for restaurants: lunch is noon to 3pm, dinner 6pm to 9pm or 10pm (to midnight or later in cities). Most restaurants open daily; some close Sunday evening or all day Monday.
  • A few restaurants open for breakfast (usually 9am), but mainly cafes do this.

Museums & Sights

  • Large museums and sights usually open daily.
  • Some smaller places open Saturday and Sunday but close Monday and/or Tuesday.
  • Smaller places open daily in high season but operate weekends only or completely close in low season.

Post Offices

  • 9am to 5pm (5.30pm or 6pm in cities) Monday to Friday.
  • 9am to 12.30pm Saturday; main branches to 5pm.


  • 9am to 5.30pm (or 6pm in cities) Monday to Saturday, and often 11am to 5pm Sunday. London and other cities have convenience stores open 24/7.
  • In smaller towns and country areas shops often shut for lunch (normally 1pm to 2pm) and on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.