Must-see attractions in England

  • City Hall

    Home to the Mayor of London, the bulbous glass-clad City Hall was designed by Foster and Partners and opened in 2002. Visitor access is limited to the…

  • East London Mosque

    This large mosque is capped with a dome and one large and two smaller minarets, each topped with a crescent moon. The exterior is relatively unadorned…

  • One Canada Square

    Cesar Pelli’s pyramid-capped 235m-high skyscraper was built in 1991, and was the UK's tallest building when it opened – a title it held until 2010, when…

  • Customs House

    This stately 17th-century building was once the address where ships arriving in Dartmouth were required to pay customs duties. Look out for the antique…

  • St Giles' Cripplegate

    St Giles' is one of the few medieval churches to survive both the Great Fire in 1666 and the Blitz, although it was badly damaged in the latter and by…

  • Paignton Pier

    To indulge in pure holiday nostalgia, head to this grand old Victorian pier where you can parade along the long wooden deck, jump in a dodgem, bounce…

  • Trinity Green Almshouses

    These poorhouses were built for injured or retired sailors in 1695. The two rows of almshouses run at right angles away from the street, facing a village…

  • St Nicholas Priory

    Originally part of a medieval Benedictine monastery, and later a lavish Elizabethan manor house, this 900-year-old building is currently closed for…

  • North Sands

    Compact North Sands lies a short walk or drive (1.5 miles) south along Cliff Rd from the centre of Salcombe (on the same side of the estuary as the town)…

  • Statue of General Wolfe

    This statue in Greenwich Park memorialises General James Wolfe, celebrated for his victory over the French at the Battle of Quebec in Canada in 1759.

  • Wharfinger's House

    Newly arrived ships in Dartmouth would once have paid their wharfing fees at this picturesque house, which was built in the 1700s. Not open to the public.

  • Statue of Peter the Great

    This strange statue recalls the Russian tsar's four-month stay in 1698 when he came to Deptford to learn more about new developments in shipbuilding.

  • Grey Wethers

    At this remote site near Chagford, stone circles stand side by side on a stretch of open moor; another stone circle is 400m away near Fernworthy.

  • East Cliff Lift Railway

    First built in 1908, this historic railway is closed indefinitely – possibly permanently – following extensive damage in a landslide.

  • Castle Ruins

    Little remains of Exeter's 11th-century castle except a russet stone gatehouse, attached to a fragment of the city's defensive wall.

  • William Booth Statue

    A statue of the Salvation Army founder, erected near the place where he gave his first streetside sermon.

  • Roman Lighthouse

    This Roman-era lighthouse is Britain's oldest standing building and dates from around AD 50.

  • Clare College

    The second-oldest Cambridge University college, riverside Clare was founded in 1326.

  • Saxon Church

    The restored Saxon Church of St Mary in Castro can be found up in the castle.