Top things to do

Top Choice Church in San Salvador

Iglesia El Rosario

Designed by sculptor Ruben Martinez and completed in 1971, Iglesia El Rosario is radically beautiful. Arguably the finest church in Central America, its nondescript concrete exterior conceals an arched roof and a ra…
Top Choice Cathedral in San Salvador

Catedral Metropolitana

Facing Plaza Barrios, the most significant landmark in the city is the resting place of Archbishop Oscar A Romero. During the height of the civil war, Archbishop Romero criticized the government from the pulpit unti…
Top Choice Burgers in San Salvador

Rustico Bistro

Rustico rivals any burger place in the world as far as we're concerned. The bread is chunky and fresh and the meat must weigh half a cow. Try the pulled-pork sandwiches with tamarindo sauce and wash it all down with…
Top Choice Live Music in San Salvador

Café La ‘T’

The country's finest musicians appear intermittently at this down-tempo cafe set aside from the hullabaloo. Ska, jazz, blues: just turn up and try your luck. There’s light food, booze and particularly good coffee.
Top Choice Gardens in San Salvador

Jardín Botánico La Laguna

Moss-covered bridges, pebbled paths, small waterfalls running with the sound of frogs, and turtles and fish feeding at the surface of ponds, this botanical garden is at the bottom of a volcanic crater where many Sal…
Top Choice Gallery in San Salvador

El Arbol de Dios

'God's Tree' is an institute dedicated to the work of world-famous painter Fernando Llort, including sophisticated pieces that differ from his simpler, better-known wood paintings. Many pieces from his cooperative c…
Top Choice Salvadoran in San Salvador

El Sopón Típico

Simple, fresh and delicious local food is the order of the day at this famous típico restaurant on a busy corner beside Galerias Escalón. Winning dishes include marisco en crema and sopa de chorizo, but it's hard to…
Top Choice Bar in San Salvador

La Ventana

The dimly lit Ventana has been functioning as a gallery-restaurant for nearly two decades, which is some achievement in a city like San Salvador. The beer comes first though, with a huge list of ales to choose from …
Top Choice Seafood in San Salvador


Colonia Escalón is the place to be seen lingering over crustaceans, and Beto's has the perfect mix of lunchtime work crowd and Salvadoran elite dining on anything that moves under the sea. Service is disarmingly goo…
Museum in San Salvador

Museo de Arte de El Salvador

An impressive collection of many sketches and paintings tracking the development of prominent local and foreign artists; some of the larger contemporary sculptures are outstanding. It’s up the hill behind the large …