Top ChoiceBurgers in San Salvador

Rustico Bistro

Rustico rivals any burger place in the world as far as we're concerned. The buns are thick and fresh and the patties must weigh half a cow. Try the pulled-pork sandwiches with tamarind sauce and wash it all down...

Top ChoiceSalvadoran in San Salvador

Pollo Bonanza

Locals claim the broiled chicken at this simple downtown diner is the best in the country. For more than 30 years, Bonanza has been pulling in lunchtime crowds with generous portions of pollo cooked in a...

Top ChoiceSalvadoran in San Salvador

El Sopón Típico

Simple, fresh and delicious local food is the order of the day at this famous típico restaurant on a busy corner beside Galerías Escalón. Winning dishes include marisco en crema (seafood with cream) and sopa de...

Top ChoiceSeafood in San Salvador


Colonia Escalón is the place to be seen lingering over crustaceans, and Beto's has the perfect mix of lunchtime work crowd and Salvadoran elite dining on anything that moves under the sea. Service is disarmingly...

Seafood in San Salvador

Olas Permanentes

If you don't go to the beach, the beach comes to you, or so goes the tagline of this buzzy, marine-themed restaurant and bar. The breezy terrace overlooks Plaza Palestina, while the arty interior decor features...

Street Food in San Salvador

Food Trucks

Near the Monumento a la Revolución in San Benito you'll find food trucks selling burgers, arepas (stuffed corn tortillas), grilled meats, chocobananos (frozen bananas dipped in chocolate) and more. Wash it down...

Vegetarian in San Salvador

Mile Time

Faux-meat never tasted so good. The full gamut of Asian and Western vegan and vegetarian dishes is served at this impressive restaurant in Escalón. The sopa agripicante (sweet and sour soup) is divine, and the...

French in San Salvador

Le Croissant

A range of freshly baked French pastries, brunches, quiches, salads and sandwiches are served at this chic patisserie located in an upscale furniture store. The coffee is decent and it makes a handy breakfast...

Salvadoran in San Salvador

Típicos Margoth

While service is not always as margoth (bubbly and extroverted) as advertised, this self-serve family-run restaurant is a tasty initiation into Salvadoran cuisine. The antojitos (small dishes) are a good place to...

Salvadoran in San Salvador

Café Maquilishuat

Named after the pinkish national tree of El Salvador, this típico is a reliable option for a cheap bite. The menu of local staples changes daily, with plenty of vegetarian options.

Salvadoran in San Salvador

Sidewalk Comedores

If your walking around the city center you'll probably be drawn to the smells of the sidewalk comedores a block west of Plaza Barrios. The panes de carne (beef sandwiches) are slightly toasted and sprinkled with...

Salvadoran in San Salvador

El Cafe de Don Pedro

The grilled meats and breakfast specials are the highlights of this 24-hour family-run restaurant, located in a partially open-air 1950s diner. The food can be hit-or-miss, but staff are bubbly and there's ample...

Mexican in San Salvador

Las Fajitas

The secret is in the five spicy salsas you can choose from to douse your nachos at this dependable Mexican joint.

Pizza in San Salvador


Good-value pizza place that's convenient if you're staying in one of the nearby guesthouses.

Japanese in San Salvador

Koi Sushi

OK, so it's a Japanese restaurant in a food court in Central America. Still, sometimes you need fresh sushi with a twist of salsa. And it is a pretty fancy food court.