Top Choice Burgers in San Salvador

Rustico Bistro

Rustico rivals any burger place in the world as far as we're concerned. The bread is chunky and fresh and the meat must weigh half a cow. Try the pulled-pork sandwiches with tamarindo sauce and wash it all down with…
Top Choice Salvadoran in San Salvador

El Sopón Típico

Simple, fresh and delicious local food is the order of the day at this famous típico restaurant on a busy corner beside Galerias Escalón. Winning dishes include marisco en crema and sopa de chorizo, but it's hard to…
Top Choice Seafood in San Salvador


Colonia Escalón is the place to be seen lingering over crustaceans, and Beto's has the perfect mix of lunchtime work crowd and Salvadoran elite dining on anything that moves under the sea. Service is disarmingly goo…
Vegetarian in San Salvador

Mile Time

Faux-meat never tasted so good. The full gamut of Asian and Western vegetarian dishes is served at this impressive restaurant in Escalón. The empanada en sopa agripicante (US$7) is divine, and the dessert menu is ex…
Salvadoran in San Salvador

Pupusería La Ceiba

Named after the port town in Honduras, this place is totally Salvadoran. A plate of these pupusas can solve your problems.
Salvadoran in San Salvador

Típicos Margoth

While service is not always as margoth (bubbly and extroverted) as advertised, this self-serve family-run restaurant is a tasty initiation into Salvadoran cuisine. The antojitos (small dishes) are a good place to st…
Salvadoran in San Salvador

El Cafe de Don Pedro

The pinchos (skewered meat and vegetables) and breakfast specials are the highlights of this 24-hour family-run restaurant with four branches across the city. The Roosevelt branch features bubbly waitstaff, ample pa…
Salvadoran in San Salvador

Sidewalk Comedores

If in the city on foot, you'll probably be drawn to the smells on the sidewalk comedores a block west of Plaza Barrios. The panes de carnes (beef sandwiches) are slightly toasted and sprinkled with peppercorns.
Salvadoran in San Salvador

Café Maquilishuat

Named after the pinkish national tree of El Salvador, this típico train is a very clean and reliable option. The menu changes daily through the local staples, with plenty of vegetarian options.
Argentine in San Salvador

Caminito Chocos

The pseudo-Argentine food here is really just heart-stopping BBQ, burgers and fries; you won't see your personal trainer here, unless they are among the young crowd necking huge beers on weekends.