San Salvador has respectable nightlife, especially around Zona Rosa, Colonia Escalón and Santa Tecla. Here you will mix with local young party people who love to drink and dance, often to live music. Elsewhere, it's pretty quiet, except for Playa El Tunco, which is electric pretty much every weekend. Across the country, 'discotecas' are for dancing to electronic music; 'nightclubs' are far seedier affairs.

Salvadoran Drinks

Licuados (fruit drinks made with water or milk) are perfectly suited to El Salvador's climate. Coffee grows everywhere but only recently have local operators begun to roast their own blends. Note that refresco, which means soft drink in many countries, means lemonade here. Horchata (rice milk and cinnamon) and chilate (roasted corn drink with other natural ingredients) are popular alternatives found at street stalls and most restaurants. A refresco de ensalada is not coleslaw puree, but a mixed fruit juice served with a spoon for the fruit salad floating on top, sangria style. Water can be bought in either bottles or half-liter bags.