Top Choice Cafe in San Miguel

Comedor Chilita

This buzzing cafeteria spoons up a happy, huge variety that includes steamed veggies, spaghetti and roasted pepper chicken. After 4pm, it’s all pupusas – use the side entrance on 8a Calle Oriente.
Salvadoran in San Miguel

La Pema

This churchlike structure is home to one of the country's most enjoyable gastronomic experiences. Located 5km out of town on the road to Playa El Cuco, La Pema is famous for its creamy soups and long lunches. Don't …
Salvadoran in Perquín

La Cocina de Ma'Anita

Mostly organic, always tasty, Anita's kitchen is an all-day affair which, aside from the usual breakfast and lunch spread, serves heartier meals such as the Perkin parillada (BBQ, US$8.50), which could feed a mounta…
Salvadoran in San Vicente

Comedor Rivolí

We ate ourselves silly at the Rivolí and laughed with hedonistic delight at the taste and value of the comida a la vista, while seated beside rose gardens. How many licuados is too many licuados? Four.
Salvadoran in Alegría

Merendero Mi Pueblito

Huge plates of chicken, rice, beans and salad are served at this old staple run by an industrious family. It’s south of the park and there are stirring views to the border.
Bakery in Usulután

Pastelería Trigo Puro

Fat cinnamon rolls, doughnuts and coconut cookies beckon from the glass case of this popular bakery, which also serves cafeteria-style típico. It’s one block west of the park.
Mexican in Usulután


Large Mexican place with open windows, long wooden benches and a sizzling BBQ. The tortas cooked out front are delicious, as are the sizable tacos.
Fast Food in Usulután

Mercado Central

The Mercado Central is a hit with street-food aficionados.
Bakery in San Miguel

Pastelería Lorena

El Salvador’s most famous bakery started here. A glass of horchata and a slice of Maria Luisa (jam cake) are the business.
Salvadoran in La Unión

Pupusería Mayra

Get your fill of panes de pollo (chicken sandwiches) and fresh pupusas before they run out, which happens often.