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Chalchuapa's friendly central neighborhood of low-rise multicolored houses with crumbling colonial exteriors is pleasant to walk around, and the town has some excellent places to eat.

In the nearby suburbs, Laguna Cuzcachapa is a natural sulfur pond and a mystical place of great significance in Maya culture. Locals suggest coming here when faced with difficult decisions, but beware the siguanaba (a mythical creature that poses as a beautiful woman to lure solo male travelers)! You can swim in natural spring-water pools at El Trapiche (location of the first Maya settlement in 2000 BC) or jump into a waterfall in Salto El Espino.

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Mayan Exploration Tazumal Mayan Route Coatepeque Lake Full Day Tour

Joya de Ceren. First of all this is an archaeological site completely different from a Mayan temple. Joya de Ceren is the remains of a Mayan agricultural village of about 1400 years old. Loma Caldera volcanos covered it by 14 layers of ashes. The ash that covered Joya de Ceren preserved it intact. Allowing to preserve in time the different structures, which now give us a broad vision of what life was like and the activities of ordinary people. In the different archaeological sites of mesoamerica, you can see in the temples how the important people of the time lived. But only Joya de Ceren lets you see how the town lived. Among the things found are: houses, storage rooms, communal houses, temazcal sauna, kitchen, corn plantations, etcSan Andres Archaeological Site. San Andres will be our second point to visit in this itinerary. Probably Joya de Ceren inhabitants used this ceremonial political center to pay tribute. Because they are only 5 km away from each other. It has also been cataloged as a Mayan lordship that ruled over the area probably from 500 AD to 900 AD.The place is divided into two areas, the first called La Gran Plaza, which was the commercial and residential area of the area. Here is also the largest pyramid on this site, called La Campana. The second part of this site is the Acropolis. This was the ceremonial and exclusive area where there are 4 Pyramids and 2 basal constructions that were considered a place of residence for rulers.Studies have shown that San Andres had business alliances with other important contemporary Mayan cities such as Copan, Teotihuacan, even with Belize and El Peten.Lake Coatepeque. This lake, considered by many, maybe one of the most beautiful in the world, is an impressive volcanic caldera. And every year, without prior notice, it gives a fabulous spectacle by changing the color of its waters, from blue to turquoise.TazumalFinally the archaeological site Tazumal. Near with our border with Guatemala, in the city of Chalchuapa. This is our last point to visit in our itinerary. Numerous studies have shown that in this city there is evidence of human occupation for more than 3200 years. Tazumal is located in the center of this city. The structures of this archaeological site were the site of an important indigenous settlement. Among the constructions found there are tombs, water drainages, but what stands out most is the pyramid. The Tazumal pyramid is 24 meters high and has different construction stages influenced by Toltec, Copan and Teotihuacan culture. In addition tombs have been found with funerary offerings such as: earthenware vessels, necklaces, mirrors, rings, axes and other utensils. Tazumal is a fundamental part of archeology in El Salvador and you can not miss it.

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Shore Excursion from Acajutla: Tazumal Ruins, Casablanca and Santa Ana

You will be greeted at the port by your guide and driver to begin your tour. On your way to the town of Chalchuapa, you will enjoy the views of the Apaneca Mountain range where some of the best coffee of the country is harvested. Upon arrival into the town, you will visit  Chalchuapa and the Tazumal pyramid. Chalchuapa, which means " the river of Jade", was first inhabited by Poconames, later Mayas, Pipiles and the Spaniards. The pyramid of Tazumal includes a main pyramidal structure of 23 meters in height located in a block and forming two truncated pyramids to the west. It also has a small museum and a ball court. Later, you will stop at Santa Ana main square where you will visit the 18th century Theater . On return, enjoy the beautiful views of Coatepeque lake. This tour requieres a minimun of 7 hour to operate. Does not operate on mondays ( museums close ),  The depart time is from 830am to 1200, it will depend on the ships arriving time. This service is private, only for your group,  The size of the vehicle to be use depends on the number of people you book.