Top Choice Church in San Salvador

Iglesia El Rosario

Designed by sculptor Ruben Martinez and completed in 1971, Iglesia El Rosario is radically beautiful. Arguably the finest church in Central America, its nondescript concrete exterior conceals an arched roof and a ra…
Top Choice Gardens in San Salvador

Jardín Botánico La Laguna

Moss-covered bridges, pebbled paths, small waterfalls running with the sound of frogs, and turtles and fish feeding at the surface of ponds, this botanical garden is at the bottom of a volcanic crater where many Sal…
Top Choice Gallery in San Salvador

El Arbol de Dios

'God's Tree' is an institute dedicated to the work of world-famous painter Fernando Llort, including sophisticated pieces that differ from his simpler, better-known wood paintings. Many pieces from his cooperative c…
Top Choice Cathedral in San Salvador

Catedral Metropolitana

Facing Plaza Barrios, the most significant landmark in the city is the resting place of Archbishop Oscar A Romero. During the height of the civil war, Archbishop Romero criticized the government from the pulpit unti…
Top Choice Arts Center in La Palma

La Semilla de Dios

Local cooperative La Semilla de Dios, founded in 1977 by Fernando Llort himself, crafts quality products in workshops behind the store. If you ask permission you can wander through the workshops and watch the painte…
Top Choice Cultural Center in Suchitoto

Centro Arte para la Paz

Opened in 2000 as a charitable initiative to support victims of domestic violence, the Centro Arte para la Paz now organizes a range of cultural activities from its premises in a beautiful, old Dominican convent. Th…
Library in San Salvador

Biblioteca Nacional

The imposing Biblioteca Nacional is on the south end of Plaza Barrios. It is a spacious and comfortable place to escape the hot city.
Museum in San Salvador

Centro Monseñor Romero

At Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (La UCA), the Centro Monseñor Romero pays homage to the martyred Archbishop Oscar Romero. This is a highly informative and moving place to visit.
Historic Site in San Salvador

Hospital La Divina Providencia

Monseñor Romero was assassinated by government agents while giving mass in the chapel here on March 24, 1980. You can tour his modest quarters, where his blood-soaked shirt and robes are displayed.
Museum in San Salvador

Museo de la Palabra y La Imagen

This innovative museum documents various human rights campaigns through visual and audiovisual means. Black-and-white photographs complement more interpretive pieces.