National Park in La Libertad

Parque Nacional Walter T Deininger

About 4km north of La Libertad, along the Comalapa road, Parque Nacional Walter T Deininger is named for the German settler who donated the land. It includes two types of forest: caducifolio, which sheds its leaves …
Ruins in Around San Salvador


The modest ruins of Cihuatán were once an immense urban area alongside the Río Guazapa, possibly the largest pre-Columbian city between Guatemala and Peru. Today Cihuatán makes a convenient history excursion for tho…
Ruins in Around San Salvador

Joya de Cerén

Called the Pompeii of America, Unesco World Heritage Site Joya de Cerén was a small Maya settlement buried under volcanic ash when the Laguna Caldera Volcano erupted in AD 595. The small museum offers a good collect…
Ruins in Around San Salvador

Ruinas de San Andrés

In 1977 a step pyramid and a large courtyard with a subterranean section were unearthed at this site, inhabited by Maya between AD 600 and AD 900. Experts believe that up to 12,000 people lived here. The peaceful ru…
Park in Los Planes de Renderos

Parque Balboa

The pupusas here are famous in San Salvador. Can you make it to double figures?If you're not hungry, it's still a pleasant place to hang out and is often filled with children.