Archaeological Site in Bawiti

Qarat Qasr Salim

This small mound amid the houses of Bawiti is likely built upon centuries of debris. There are two well-preserved 26th-dynasty tombs here, which were robbed in antiquity and reused as collective burial sites in...

Egyptian in Bawiti


Big and clean, Rashed serves set multicourse meals that revolve around the usual meaty grill options. Head east for about 400m from the tourist information building, along the main road, to find it.

Museum in Bawiti

Golden Mummies Museum

Only 10 of Bahariya's richly decorated cache of 10,000 mummies are exhibited here. While the motifs are formulaic and the work is second-rate, the painted faces show a move away from stylised Pharaonic mummy...

Museum in Bawiti

Oasis Heritage Museum

The giant sandcastle-looking-thing, 3km east of town on the road to Cairo, is Mahmoud Eed’s Oasis Heritage Museum. Inspired by Badr’s Museum in Farafra, its creator captures, in clay, scenes from traditional...

Tomb in Bawiti

Tomb of Bannentiu

Consisting of a four-columned burial chamber with an inner sanctuary, this tomb is covered in fine reliefs depicting Bannentiu in various positions with the gods. The most interesting pictures flank the entrance...

Tomb in Bawiti

Tomb of Zed Amun Ef Ankh

The rock-cut Tomb of Zed Amun Ef Ankh is a fascinating glimpse of Bahariya in its heyday. It appears that Zed Amun Ef Ankh was not a government official but was given the richness of colourful tomb paintings...

Egyptian in Bawiti

Popular Restaurant

Popular is Bawiti's main restaurant option, but standards have slipped and their set meals are now hugely overpriced. On a good note, the service is superfriendly and there's ice cold beer.