Wadi Natrun


Monastery in Wadi Natrun

Deir Anba Bishoi

St Bishoi came to the desert in AD 340 and founded two monasteries in Wadi Natrun: this one and neighbouring Deir El Sourian. The fortified keep is entered via a drawbridge. Just past the entry is a small...

Monastery in Wadi Natrun

Deir Abu Makar

Deir Abu Makar was founded around the cell where St Macarius spent his last 20 or so years. Although structurally it suffered more than other monasteries at the hands of raiding Bedouin, it has been carefully...

Monastery in Wadi Natrun

Deir El Sourian

About 500m northwest of Deir Anba Bishoi, Deir El Sourian is the most picturesquely situated of the monasteries. It is named after wandering Syrian monks who bought the monastery from the Copts in the 8th...

Monastery in Wadi Natrun

Deir Al Baramouse

Once quite isolated because of a bad road, Deir Al Baramouse now has more than 100 monks in residence, plus six modern churches in addition to its restored medieval fortress (not open to the public). The gardens...