Egyptian pound (LE)


The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel to some parts of Egypt.


Ferry in Aswan

Nile River Valley Transport Corporation

In the shopping arcade next to the Marhaba Palace Hotel. Every Sunday and Wednesday there is a 3pm sailing from Aswan High Dam to Wadi Halfa in Sudan, and it's advised to be there around 10am. The trip takes 18...

Bus in Al Kharga

Bus Station

Upper Egypt Bus Co operates buses to Cairo (LE120, eight to 10 hours) daily at 9pm and 10pm. There are three services to Asyut (LE30, three to four hours) at 6am, 7am and 9am. The bus heading north to Dakhla...

Bus in Qasr Al Farafra

Buses to Bahariya & Cairo

There are Upper Egypt Bus Co buses from Farafra to Cairo (LE105, eight to 10 hours) via Bahariya (LE30, three hours) at 10am and 10pm. Buses from Farafra to Dakhla (LE30, four hours) originate in Cairo and leave...

Bus Station in Mut

Bus Station

Upper Egypt Bus Co runs buses to Cairo (LE115, 10 hours) via Al Kharga Oasis (LE25, two to three hours) and Asyut (LE70, five hours) at 7pm and 7.30pm.You can also travel to Cairo via Farafra Oasis (LE35, four...

Train Station in Alexandria

Misr Train Station

The city's main train terminal, Mahattat Misr, is about 1km south of Midan Ramla. If you’re arriving in Alexandria and going to the city centre around Midan Saad Zaghloul, make sure you stay on until this stop.

Bus Station in Aswan

Aswan Bus Station

The bus station is 3.5km north of Aswan train station. There are buses to the Red Sea, and along the Nile to Luxor and Cairo. There are also buses to Abu Simbel and several companies run buses to Sudan.

Train Station in Alexandria

Sidi Gaber Train Station

Mahattat Sidi Gaber train station serves the eastern suburbs. Trains from Cairo stop at Sidi Gaber before Mahattat Misr station, and most locals get off here.

Tickets in Egypt


In Egypt, one of the best in-country contacts for up-to-date information on operating Ro-Ro (roll-on, roll-off) freighter services is Kadmar, which can also help you organise reservations on ships.

Bus Stop in Siwa Oasis

Microbuses to Marsa Matruh

Microbuses going to Marsa Matruh (LE40) leave from the main square near the King Fuad Mosque. They are more frequent and way more comfortable than the West & Mid Delta bus, and the same price.

Bus Station in Marsa Alam

Upper Egypt Bus Co

Buses to Cairo (LE110) at 10am, 6pm and 8pm, stopping at Al Quseir (LE20), Hurghada (LE50) and Zafarana (LE90). There's a bus to Aswan (LE60, six hours) at 11pm that goes via Edfu (LE30).

Bus Station in Marsa Alam

Go Bus

Go Bus runs two buses a day to Cairo, at 2.30pm and 6pm (LE150 to LE180). Book ahead online to ensure you get a seat and to choose where you sit.

Airport in Aswan

Aswan Airport

Aswan International Airport is located 16km southwest of Aswan. There is no public transport into town, and a taxi will cost LE100 to LE150.

Bus in Qena

Upper Egypt Bus Co

The Upper Egypt Bus Co, at the bus station opposite the train station, runs regular services to Cairo via the Red Sea, Hurghada and Suez.

Bus in Asyut

Microbuses for Mallawi

If you are allowed to take a micro, the ones to Mallawi leave from the station on Sharia Al Thawra, an extension of the corniche.

Train in Aswan

Aswan Train Station

The railway station is in the centre of town, at the entrance of Sharia As Souq. There are daily trains to Cairo and Luxor.

Bus in Alexandria

Super Jet

The most central Super Jet office in Alexandria, near Sidi Gaber railway station.

Bicycle Hire in Siwa Oasis

Bicycle Hire

Bicycles are one of the best ways to get around and can be rented for around LE20 to LE25 per day.