Suez Canal restaurants

Cafe in Port Said

Central Perk

They'll be there for you. Yep. Right down to the sofas and exposed brick walls, it's a copy of that cafe. Owned by a couple of serious Friends fans, Central Perk has quickly become the top hangout in town. The menu …
Sweets in Port Said

Lord Pâtisserie

First a warning: don't blame us for breaking your diet. You'll have to summon up all your willpower to walk in here and not come out with some tempting treats. From croissants to traditional Egyptian desserts, and f…
Seafood in Port Said

El Borg

This massive Port Said institution is always buzzing with families on a night out. There’s a small menu of grills for when you don’t feel like fish, but the good-value fresh seafood is really what the crowds flock h…
Grill in Ismailia

Reda Helmy

The top spot in town for shish tawooq (marinated chicken grilled on skewers), Egyptian-style liver and pretty much every other kind of meat you can stick on a grill. There are great salads and mezze to mop up all th…
Italian in Port Said

Pizza Pino

This cosy bistro, with comfy cane chairs and attentive staff, has been Port Said's main pasta and pizza joint for decades. It's comfort food done right, and a quiet place to relax with a coffee after treading the st…
Seafood in Suez

Al Khalifa Fish Centre

Tucked away on the edge of Midan Nesima in the congested town centre, this no-frills place sells the day’s ocean catch by weight; you can pick out your fish and then wait for it to be grilled.
Egyptian in Suez

Koshary Palace

Clean and friendly, lots of local flavour and good kushari (mix of noodles, rice, black lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce), all in your choice of sizes.
Desserts in Ismailia

Thebes Patisserie

Thebes dishes out an array of pastries and desserts and is a great ice cream stop on a hot day.
Supermarket in Port Said

Metro Supermarket

Self-caterers will find all the groceries they need at this well-stocked supermarket.
Pizza in Ismailia

Pizza Massimo

This little place serves up pretty decent pizza and has fast and friendly service.