Sohag in detail

Flights & getting there

Train and private taxi remain the easiest way of moving around. A taxi from Sohag to the monasteries will cost around LE100, depending on waiting time.


Sohag has an international airport with direct flights to Cairo and the Gulf.


Go Bus has a twice daily service to Cairo (LE135). The Upper Egyptian Bus Co has regular departures to Cairo between 7.30am and 9.30pm (LE85 to LE120).


Foreigners were forbidden from using the microbus services at the time of writing.


There is a frequent train service north and south along the Cairo-Luxor main line, with a dozen daily trains to Asyut (1st/2nd class LE34/21, one to two hours) and Luxor (LE94/63, three to four hours). The service to Al Balyana (3rd class only, one to two hours) is very slow.