Siwa Oasis in detail

Getting Around


Bicycles are one of the best ways to get around and can be rented from several sources, including most hotels and a number of shops dotted around the town centre. Getting a bike from one of the bicycle rentals near the Central Market Square gives you a better chance of finding a bike in good condition. The going rate is LE20 to LE25 per day.

Donkey Cart

Caretas (donkey carts) were a much-used mode of transport for Siwans, but there are not that many around anymore. Some of the boys who drive the carts speak English and can be fierce hagglers. Expect to pay about LE40 for two to three hours, or LE20 for a short trip.


Though not as enjoyable or tranquil as bicycles, motorbikes can also be rented. You can pick one up from the bike shop next to Al Babinshal Hotel, or at Palm Trees Hotel. Expect to pay between LE150 and LE200 per day.


Microbuses serve as communal taxis linking Siwa Town with surrounding villages. To get to Bilad Ar Rum costs LE1 to LE2 each way. If you want to hire your own to get to more remote sites, Mahdi Hweiti at the tourist office will be able to help, or head for the petrol station and talk directly to drivers. One reliable English-speaking driver with a good-quality vehicle is Anwar Mohammed (012-2687-3261). Prices are per truck, not per passenger, and depend on the duration of the trip, the distance to be covered and, of course, your haggling skills.


Noisy tuk-tuks have replaced the old-fashioned donkey carts. Expect to pay about LE50 for two to three hours, or LE20 for a short trip.