Tourist Information in Sinai Coast

Nabq Protectorate Visitors Centre

Nabq Protectorate's visitors' centre is located off the road leading from Sharm El Sheikh past the airport and Ras Nasrany. Within the park itself, you’ll find several hiking trails, clearly marked snorkelling spots…
Tourist Information in Ras Mohammed National Park

Visitors Centre

Ras Mohammed's visitors centre is clearly marked on the park's main access road in an area known as Marsa Ghoslane. Maps are usually available here.
Police in Sharm El Sheikh

Tourist Police

In a booth on Sultan Qabos St. There is also another branch in Hadaba.
Bank in Sharm El Sheikh

National Bank of Egypt

Also has a branch in Na'ama Bay.
Medical in Dahab

Dr Haikal

Local doctor whose surgery, near the lagoon, has a hyperbaric chamber.
Hospital in Nuweiba

Nuweiba Hospital

Just off the Main East Coast Hwy to Dahab.
Exchange in Sharm El Sheikh

Travel Choice

Just west of Sinai Star Hotel.
Bank in Nuweiba

National Bank of Egypt

Has an ATM.
Bank in Dahab

Banque du Caire

Has an ATM.
Bank in Nuweiba

Banque Misr

Has an ATM.