Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Luxor


This delightful treasure trove of Egyptian crafts, near Medinat Habu on the west bank, is run by friendly Khairy and his family. Inside you'll find beautiful pottery from the Western Oases, Siwan embroideries, a col…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Oum El Dounia

At a great central location, Oum El Dounia sells an exceptionally tasteful and good-value selection of locally made crafts. These include glassware, ceramics, jewellery, cotton clothes made in Akhmim, and other inte…
Arts & Crafts in Luxor


Run by an Australian woman who promotes the best of Egyptian crafts, Habiba sells an ever-expanding selection of top quality Bedouin embroidery, jewellery, leatherwork, wonderful Siwan scarves, cotton embroidered sc…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Wady Craft Shop

This charity store run by the Anglican church sells work done by refugee organisations and disadvantaged families. There are plenty of kitchen linens and wooden inlay products but the traditional wooden children's t…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo


Specialists in jewellery and traditional Bedouin crafts and costumes. Items include appliqué tablecloths and cushion covers, dresses made in the oases, woven baskets, silk slippers and chunky silver jewellery. To fi…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Khan Misr Touloun

This shop opposite the Mosque of Ibn Tulun is stacked with a desirable jumble of reasonably priced crafts, wooden chests, jewellery, pottery, puppets and scarves.
Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Fair Trade Egypt

Crafts sold here are produced in income-generating projects throughout the country. Items for sale include Bedouin rugs, hand-woven cotton, pottery from Al Fayoum and beaded jewellery from Aswan. The cotton bedsprea…
Arts & Crafts in St Katherine Protectorate

Bedouina Sinai

This local cooperative of 75 Bedouin women produces bags, purses and cosmetic bags decorated with modern interpretations of traditional Bedouin design. The shop is just up the road from El Malga Bedouin Camp. Pop in…
Arts & Crafts in Aswan

Hanafi Bazaar

With its mock Pharaonic facade, this is the oldest, dustiest and best bazaar in town, with genuine Nubian swords, baskets, amulets, silk kaftans and beads from all over Africa, run by the totally laid-back Hanafi br…
Arts & Crafts in St Katherine Protectorate


This Bedouin women's cooperative works with more than 300 local women and displays a huge range of textiles and local handicrafts. It's signposted on the first left-hand turn coming into town from Desert Fox Camp.