Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Luxor


This delightful treasure trove of Egyptian crafts, near Medinat Habu on the west bank, is run by friendly Khairy and his family. Inside you'll find beautiful pottery from the Western Oases, Siwan embroideries, a col…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Oum El Dounia

At a great central location, Oum El Dounia sells an exceptionally tasteful and good-value selection of locally made crafts. These include glassware, ceramics, jewellery, cotton clothes made in Akhmim, and other in…
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Cairo

Abd El Zaher

Cairo’s last working bookbinder also makes beautiful leather- and oil-paper-bound blank books, photo albums and diaries. Gold monogramming is included in the prices, which are heartbreakingly low considering the wor…
Top Choice Books in Cairo


Fabulous: English, French and German titles, from novels to travel guides to coffee-table books. It also has a kids’ section, a large music wing and a small cafe.
Market in Alexandria

Souq District

At the western end of Midan Tahrir, the battered, grand architecture switches scale to something more intimate as you enter the city’s main souq district. It’s one long, heaving bustle of produce, fish and meat stal…
Mall in Sharm el-Sheikh

Soho Square

This new shopping and nightlife hub is home to an ice-skating rink, a bowling alley, a Culturama centre (which plays a multimedia film of Egyptian history) and several top-end restaurants, sheesha cafes and bars, al…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo


Specialists in jewellery and traditional Bedouin crafts and costumes. Items include appliqué tablecloths and cushion covers, dresses made in the oases, woven baskets, silk slippers and chunky silver jewellery. To fi…
Market in Alexandria

Anfushi Fish Market

In a city that devours more fish than a hungry seal, you’d expect to find a pretty impressive fish market – and Alexandria delivers. At the northern tip of Anfushi this market bustles daily with flapping seafood tha…
Market in Hurghada

Ad-Dahar Souq

Hurghada's souq is a dusty sprawl of lanes crammed with shops selling silver and copper products, leather, papyrus and sheesha pipes. This is the place to put your haggling hat on and snag a bargain. It's best visit…
Arts & Crafts in Cairo

Fair Trade Egypt

Crafts sold here are produced in income-generating projects throughout the country. Items for sale include Bedouin rugs, hand-woven cotton, pottery from Al-Fayoum and beaded jewellery from Aswan. The cotton bedsprea…