Dangers & Annoyances

Serious security concerns regarding Sharm El Sheikh's airport were raised in the aftermath of the downing of Russian Metrojet Flight 9268 in October 2015, which disintegrated mid-air shortly after take off from Sharm El Sheikh, killing all 224 aboard. A bomb is widely thought to be the cause of the crash. International direct flights into Sharm El Sheikh were suspended afterwards, and many European countries have yet to lift the suspension. Meanwhile, the Egyptian civil aviation authority has been working with a specialist UK security firm to upgrade the airport's security procedures. It's expected that direct international flights into Sharm will resume when the upgrade is completed and European authorities are satisfied that Sharm's airport security meets international standards.

Sharm El Sheikh town itself, though, is generally considered a safe destination. The town has not been targeted since the July 2005 terrorist bombings at Sharm Old Market and Ghazala Gardens Hotel (which killed 88 and injured more than 200), after which security in and around the town was beefed up considerably, and continues to be so.

Police Stations

Tourist Police In a booth on the main road into downtown Na'ama Bay. There is also another branch in Hadaba.


There are copious ATMs in Na’ama Bay, including several in and around Sharia Sultan Qabos. All the larger hotels also have ATMs in their lobbies. Otherwise, all the major banks have branches in Hadaba.

Sharm hotels, and many businesses, accept British pounds, euros and US dollars as payment as well as Egyptian pounds.

Banque du Caire Has an ATM.

HSBC Has an ATM.

National Bank of Egypt Also has a branch in Na'ama Bay.

Travel Choice Just west of Sinai Star Hotel.

Western Union