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Covering a 7km stretch of the Western Desert, Saqqara, the huge cemetery of ancient Memphis, was an active burial ground for more than 3500 years and is Egypt’s largest archaeological site. The necropolis is situate…
Top Choice Tomb in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur

Mastaba of Ti

The Mastaba of Ti was discovered by Auguste Mariette in 1865. This grand and detailed private tomb is not only Old Kingdom art at its best but also one of our main sources of knowledge about life in Old Kingdom Egyp…
Top Choice Museum in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur

Imhotep Museum

In the complex at the entrance to the Saqqara site is this beautiful collection of some of the best finds from Saqqara, and one of the finest small museums in Egypt. It is framed as a tribute to the architect Imhote…
Top Choice Tomb in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur


The Serapeum, dedicated to the sacred Apis bull, is one of the highlights of visiting Saqqara. The first Apis burial took place in the reign of Amenhotep III (1390–1352 BC), and the practice continued until 30 BC. T…
Top Choice Monument in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur

Red Pyramid

The world’s oldest true pyramid, the Red Pyramid probably derives its name from the red tones of its weathered limestone, after the better-quality white limestone casing was removed. The architects had learned from …
Monument in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur

Step Pyramid of Zoser

In the year 2650 BC, Pharaoh Zoser (2667–2648 BC) asked his chief architect, Imhotep (later deified), to build him a Step Pyramid. This is the world's earliest stone monument, and its significance cannot be overstat…
Archaeological Site in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur


About 10km south of Saqqara lies this impressive 3.5km-long field of 4th- and 12th-dynasty pyramids. Although there were originally 11 pyramids here, only the two Old Kingdom ones remain intact. Pharaoh Sneferu (261…
Monument in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur

Pyramid of Unas

To the southwest of Zoser’s funerary complex is the Pyramid of Unas, last pharaoh of the 5th dynasty (2375–2345 BC). Built only 300 years after the inspired Step Pyramid, this unassuming pile of loose blocks once st…
Archaeological Site in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur

South Saqqara

South Saqqara is home to several Old Kingdom tombs, pyramids and mounds of rubble, interesting to the more dedicated pyramid fans.
Monument in Saqqara, Memphis & Dahshur

Bent Pyramid

Trying to create a true smooth-sided pyramid, Sneferu’s architects began with the same steep angle and inward-leaning courses of stone they used to create step pyramids. When this began to show signs of stress and i…