Top things to do in Safaga

Dive Site in Safaga

Salem Express

The Salem Express is a stunning yet mournful sight. In 1991 this passenger ferry sank, killing about 1000 pilgrims returning from the hajj. While diving, take a moment to reflect on this watery graveyard. Do not ent…
Dive Site in Safaga

Panorama Reef

Panorama Reef is famous for its schooling barracuda, as well as numerous dolphins, eagle rays, grey reef sharks and silvertips, and for its soft and hard corals. Depth: 3m to 40m. Rating: intermediate. Access by boa…
Bar in Safaga

Diver's House

The only place to party in Safaga, dispensing cold beers and cocktails, simple food and big cheer. On a good night there's a mix of locals, dive instructors and travellers.