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Historic Building in Rosetta

House of Amasyali

The House of Amasyali is one of the most impressive of all Rosetta’s fine buildings. The facade has beautiful, small lantern lights and vast expanses of mashrabiyyas, which circulate cool breezes around the house. T…
Historic Building in Rosetta

House of Abu Shaheen

The House of Abu Shaheen has a reconstructed mill on the ground floor, featuring enormous wooden beams and planks. You can actually see the gears and teeth rotate, which 200 years ago would have been pushed in an en…
Fort in Rosetta

Fort of Qaitbey

About 5km north of Rosetta along the Nile, this fort was built in 1479 to guard the mouth of the Nile 6km further on. It was on this spot that the famous Rosetta Stone was found; we’ll wager that this is now the sit…