Top Choice Egyptian in Luxor

Sofra Restaurant & Café

Sofra remains our favourite restaurant in Luxor. Both the intimate salons and the spacious rooftop terrace of this 1930s house are stylishly decorated, sprinkled with antique furniture, chandeliers and original tile…
Top Choice Egyptian in Cairo

Abu Tarek

‘We have no other branches!’ proclaims this temple of kushari (mix of noodles, rice, black lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce). No, the place has just expanded, decade by decade, into the upper storeys of its bu…
Top Choice Egyptian in Alexandria

Mohammed Ahmed

Looking for us at lunchtime in Alex? We're usually scoffing fuul and falafel here. Mohammed Ahmed is the undisputed king of spectacularly good and cheap Egyptian standards. Select your fuul (we recommend iskandarani…
Egyptian in Cairo

At-Tabei Ad-Dumyati

The takeaway section out front does a roaring trade in shwarma and ta'amiyya (an Egyptian variant of felafel), while out the back is a peaceful sit-down canteen that attracts families and offers some of the cheapest…
Top Choice Egyptian in Cairo


This small restaurant serves up Egyptian street food with gourmet twists; fresh juices, whole-wheat kushari and fabulous salads. The delicious dishes can be taken away – ideal for a picnic. Keep space for the mouth-…
Top Choice Middle Eastern in Sharm el-Sheikh


This Levantine restaurant is a mouth-watering journey through the subtle flavours of the Middle East. Choose batingan bi laban (aubergine in garlicky yoghurt), makinek (spicy sausages) and loubieh (a green-bean stew…
Top Choice Lebanese in Cairo


Delicious Lebanese food in a sumptuous but relaxed atmosphere. Diverse and delicate mezze come with fresh-baked pillows of pitta, and mains such as fatta are served in individual cast-iron pots. The setting is very …
Top Choice Egyptian in Cairo

Fasahat Soumaya

Down a little pedestrian alley is this sweet restaurant with only a few tables. All the staples are here, prepared like an Egyptian mother would make: various stuffed veggies, hearty stews and extra odd bits (rice s…
Top Choice Egyptian in Al-Quseir

Restaurant Marianne

If you want to sample the bounty of the Red Sea, this local favourite has friendly service, a great menu featuring seafood as well as all the usual Egyptian favourites, and seating right on the sand.
Egyptian in Luxor

As-Sahaby Lane

This easy-going al fresco restaurant, adjoining the Nefertiti Hotel, takes over the alleyway running between the souq and the street to the Karnak temples. Fresh and well-prepared Egyptian standards like fiteer and …