Top ChoiceBar in Hurghada

Caribbean Beach Bar

If you're looking to chill with a cocktail right next to the sea, this palm-thatched pontoon over the water has a laid-back atmosphere made for lounging. Once the sun has set there's often live music or parties....

Top ChoiceAsian in Hurghada

White Elephant

This is the real deal, Thai food prepared by a Thai chef. So if you want a spicy and zingy Thai feast, let the waiter know you can handle the heat and White Elephant won't scrimp on the spice. Tom yum (hot and...

Top ChoiceSeafood in Hurghada

Star Fish

An extremely popular fish restaurant on the main Sigala drag. You can choose fish from the display, or opt for prawns (grilled, with pasta, or deep-fried) and an excellent fish soup. Or you could go for the...

Top ChoiceDive Site in Hurghada

Gota Abu Ramada

A mind-boggling abundance of marine life is on display here, 5km south of the Giftun Islands, making Gota Abu Ramada a popular spot for underwater photographers, snorkellers and night divers. Depth: 3m to 15m....

Top ChoiceWaterfront in Hurghada

Hurghada Marina

Hurghada's marina is a pleasant, car-free place to stroll, especially in the evening. When you get tired of staring out to sea or dreaming about owning one of the many huge yachts tied up here, drop by one of the...

Egyptian in Hurghada


If you're looking for cheap, filling and tasty Egyptian staples, you can't go wrong with Egypt's favourite fast-food restaurant. The sprawling menu covers soup and salad, falafel and shawarma, fiteer (sweet or...

Dive Site in Hurghada

Umm Qamar

Umm Qamar, 9km north of the Giftun Islands, is highlighted by three coral towers that are swathed in beautiful soft, purple coral and surrounded by a large range of fish as well as a wreck at 25m. The site is...

International in Hurghada

Moby Dick

People rave about Moby Dick's succulent steaks, but the restaurant also serves pasta and seafood and does a fine line in crispy, fresh salads. And there's the curiosity of camel steak with mushroom or pepper...

Dive Site in Hurghada

Giftun Islands

These islands, among the closest to Hurghada, form part of a marine reserve and are surrounded by a number of spectacular reefs teeming with marine life, including Hamda, Banana Reef, Sha’ab Sabrina, Erg Somaya...

Dive Site in Hurghada

Shedwan Island

There is some fabulous diving off this island, which sits in the straits between Hurghada and Sharm. Pilot whales and large pods of dolphins have been seen off the north reef wall.

Arts Centre in Hurghada

El Sawy Culture Wheel

An offshoot of the Cairo-based cultural and performance space, El Sawy stages music and theatre performances and other events and activities for children and adults.

Egyptian in Hurghada

Nubian Cafe

In a town where international food rules, it's nice to see a restaurant taking a stand for Egyptian cuisine. The Nubian Cafe does flavoursome tagens (stews cooked in a deep clay pot); good mezze, including a...

Cafe in Hurghada

El Mashrabia

This is our favourite pit stop in Hurghada for a juice, shai (tea) or shisha. El Mashrabia is slap on Sigala's main road, with shady outdoor seating and a dimly lit cafe decorated in a mishmash of Chinese...

Market in Hurghada

Ad Dahar Souq

Hurghada's souq is a dusty sprawl of lanes crammed with shops selling silver and copper products, leather, papyrus and shisha pipes. This is the place to put your haggling hat on and snag a bargain. It's best...

Bar in Hurghada

Papas HRG

The centre of Hurghada nightlife is this popular Dutch-run bar, which has enough live music, pool table and game action to keep even the dive instructors and expats coming back for more. It’s lively and has a...

Dive Site in Hurghada

Ashrafi Islands

The Ashrafi Islands, north of Hurghada, are less-visited than many other dive sites in the area, but have several wrecks in relatively shallow water (8m to 12m). Among the wrecks here are Siris, Tamim II, Bacchis...

Club in Hurghada

Little Buddha

Get your cocktails at the ready for Hurghada’s top bling-fest. Little Buddha has been the centre of resort-strip nightlife for years, so this is the place to come if you're in the mood to party. If you're feeling...

Sweets in Hurghada

El Zahraa Bakery

Don't blame us if your dentistry bill skyrockets after a visit to this place. El Zahraa's myriad variations of baklava and kunafa (vermicelli-like pastry over a vanilla base soaked in syrup) are manna for those...

International in Hurghada

Shade Bar & Grill

If you’re pining for a steak, look no further. Sprawl out on the terrace beanbags and order your red meat fix. For those too lazy to bar-hop, Shade conveniently turns into a popular bar with lively music late at...

Dive Site in Hurghada

Siyul Kebira

The reef’s upper section is home to bannerfish, angelfish and snapper. If the current is strong, you can drift along the wall skirting the edges of huge coral outcroppings. Depth: 10m to 30m. Rating: intermediate.