Top ChoiceAsian in Hurghada

White Elephant

This is the real deal, Thai food prepared by a Thai chef. So if you want a spicy and zingy Thai feast, let the waiter know you can handle the heat and White Elephant won't scrimp on the spice. Tom yum (hot and...

Top ChoiceSeafood in Hurghada

Star Fish

An extremely popular fish restaurant on the main Sigala drag. You can choose fish from the display, or opt for prawns (grilled, with pasta, or deep-fried) and an excellent fish soup. Or you could go for the...

Egyptian in Hurghada


If you're looking for cheap, filling and tasty Egyptian staples, you can't go wrong with Egypt's favourite fast-food restaurant. The sprawling menu covers soup and salad, falafel and shawarma, fiteer (sweet or...

International in Hurghada

Moby Dick

People rave about Moby Dick's succulent steaks, but the restaurant also serves pasta and seafood and does a fine line in crispy, fresh salads. And there's the curiosity of camel steak with mushroom or pepper...

Egyptian in Hurghada

Nubian Cafe

In a town where international food rules, it's nice to see a restaurant taking a stand for Egyptian cuisine. The Nubian Cafe does flavoursome tagens (stews cooked in a deep clay pot); good mezze, including a...

Sweets in Hurghada

El Zahraa Bakery

Don't blame us if your dentistry bill skyrockets after a visit to this place. El Zahraa's myriad variations of baklava and kunafa (vermicelli-like pastry over a vanilla base soaked in syrup) are manna for those...

International in Hurghada

Shade Bar & Grill

If you’re pining for a steak, look no further. Sprawl out on the terrace beanbags and order your red meat fix. For those too lazy to bar-hop, Shade conveniently turns into a popular bar with lively music late at...

Egyptian in Hurghada

El Halaka

This place makes up for its understated location and interior with its fresh seafood (the fish market is close by). Fish is priced by weight, but there are plenty of cheaper grills and seafood dishes on the menu.

Egyptian in Hurghada


This branch of the popular fast-food restaurant is always bustling with customers feasting on falafel and shawarma. There's another location on Sharia Sheraton.

Egyptian in Hurghada

Abu Khadigah

For authentic Egyptian kebabs and other local staples, Abu Khadigah is just the ticket. It's known for its kofta (spiced mincemeat patties grilled on a skewer) and stuffed cabbage leaves.