Top ChoiceSeafood in Al Quseir

El Fardous

A no-nonsense waterfront restaurant serving the best fish in Al Quseir, El Fardous has half a dozen tables, big windows onto the sea, a big cooler where you choose your fish, calamari or lobster, and some...

Top ChoiceFortress in Al Quseir

Ottoman Fortress

This small fortress was built in 1571 to provide Ottoman troops with control to the port and therefore passage to Mecca. Modified several times by the French and then by the British, who permanently altered the...

Mosque in Al Quseir

Faran Mosque

Little is known about Sheikh Al Faran, the mosque's namesake, beyond the fact that he came from the Hejaz (now Saudi Arabia), and that after his death he was adopted by local sailors as their patron saint. More...

Historic Building in Al Quseir


Just behind the old police station is the fortress-like facade of the granary. It dates to the early 19th century and was used to store wheat that was going to be shipped to Mecca.

Egyptian in Al Quseir

Restaurant Marianne

A popular local restaurant with friendly service, a great menu featuring seafood as well as all the usual Egyptian favourites, and seating right on the sand.

Dive Site in Al Quseir

El Qadim

Located 7km north of Al Quseir in a small bay abutted by the Mövenpick Resort, this dive site boasts a complex network of interconnecting caves and canyons. Depth: 5m to 30m. Rating: intermediate. Access from the...

Dive Site in Al Quseir

El Kaf

An easy plunge 10km south of Al Quseir that appeals to divers of all levels, El Kaf is a canyon pitted with small caves and passages, and accented by massive coral boulders and sandy ravines. Depth: 18m to 25m....

Historic Building in Al Quseir

Old Police Station

Originally an Ottoman diwan (council chamber), the once grand old police station on Al Quseir's waterfront is now a picturesque but dilapidated shell.