Bedawi Camping

Top choice tented camp in Ras Mohammed National Park

Early-morning snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, spotting desert foxes loitering around camp under star-strewn night skies: camping in Ras Mohammed is a soul-soothing balm to the stress of everyday life. Bedawi is a locally run, sustainable travel company that sets up camp, complete with composting toilet, shower and canvas tents, on a prime slice of Ras Mohammed shore.

If you're not a hard-core camper, lugging your own tent and full equipment around with you, this is the perfect, and hugely comfortable, alternative for sampling Ras Mohammed's stark, visceral beauty at its best – after the day trippers have left. Tasty meals are whipped up by your hosts, there's a communal traditional-style Bedouin tent for lounging in the shade, and there's no generator, so after sunset no noise will cut through the silence.

Overnight trips include dinner, breakfast and all non-alcoholic drinks. Diving excursions right off the shore of the camp, guided tours of all the park's land-based sights, and transfers to the park can also be organised. The national park's LE80 camping fee is not included in the overnight trip fee. Reservations (at least a fortnight in advance) are essential. The entire camp caboodle is dismantled between guests, in keeping with Bedawi's philosophy to help preserve Ras Mohammed.