Top things to do

Museum in Qasr al-Farafra

Badr’s Museum

Badr Abdel Moghny is a self-taught artist whose gift to his town has become its only real sight. Badr’s Museum showcases his work, much of which records traditional oasis life. His distinctive style of painting and …
Lake in Qasr al-Farafra

Abu Nuss Lake

During the stifling heat of summer, a plunge in Abu Nuss Lake offers instant relief from hot and sweaty afternoons. There's some interesting bird life here, too. The turn-off for the lake is approximately 11km north…
Spring in Qasr al-Farafra

Bir Sitta

This sulphurous hot spring 6km west of Qasr al-Farafra is a popular pit-stop. Water gushes into a jacuzzi-sized concrete pool and then spills out into a larger tank. This is a good place for a night-time soak under …
Spring in Qasr al-Farafra

Ain Bishay

The Roman spring of Ain Bishay bubbles forth from a hillock on the northwest edge of Qasr al-Farafra. It has been developed into an irrigated grove of date palms together with citrus, olive, apricot and carob trees,…
Ruins in Qasr al-Farafra

Old Fort

Qasr al-Farafra's tumbledown Roman fortress was originally built to guard this part of the desert caravan route, though these days all it has to show for it is a mound of rubble.
Egyptian in Qasr al-Farafra


Nothing fancy. Just a friendly joint dishing up cheap-as-chips felafel and fuul.
Egyptian in Qasr al-Farafra


Grilled meat with the full caboodle of rice, salad, tahini and bread is the order of the day at this spartan place.
Egyptian in Qasr al-Farafra

Hussein's Restaurant

Hussein's does – surprise, surprise – chicken and grilled-meat staples with soup, salad and bread.
Egyptian in Qasr al-Farafra

Samir Restaurant

Samir's is the most atmospheric choice out of Farafra's slim-pickings of dining options. Set meals of grilled meat and chicken are the same as other restaurants in town, but your table comes complete with the fine-d…