Port Said in detail

Flights & getting there


In the past, Port Said has been a good port of exit/entry for Africa overlanders with vehicles, with a couple of regular Ro-Ro (roll-on-roll-off) freighter services to Turkey. At the time of research there were no Ro-Ro ships pulling into Port Said, although there was talk of reinstating them. Two services to Cyprus, though, were regularly operating out of Alexandria's port.


The bus station is about 3km from the town centre at the beginning of the road to Cairo (about LE10 in a taxi). Both Super Jet and East Delta Travel Co operate buses from the station.

Buses From Port Said

AlexandriaLE404-5hr7am, 11am, 2pm, 6pm & 8pm (East Delta); 4.30pm (Super Jet)
CairoLE404hrhourly (East Delta); every two hours (Super Jet)
IsmailiaLE201-1½hrhourly 6-11am & 2-6pm (East Delta)
SuezLE302½hr6am, 10am, 2pm & 4pm (East Delta)


The microbus and servees (service taxi) station is next door to the bus station. Sample fares: Cairo LE40, Ismailia LE20 and Suez LE30.


Services to Cairo are in creaky, scruffy, slow trains. Expect delays. There are supposedly departures (2nd class/3rd class LE30/15) at 5.30am, 1pm and 5.30pm, though times change regularly and departure delays are very common. Buses are, in general, a quicker and much more comfortable option.