Top things to do in Nuweiba

Dive Site in Nuweiba


The Sinker is a massive submerged mooring buoy designed for cargo ships, which was sunk by mistake in the mid-1990s. Since then it has developed into a fantastic artificial reef, attracting a host of small, colourfu…
Beach in Nuweiba

Nuweiba Beach

This rather lovely sweep of golden sand straddles the coastline just south of Nuweiba City. It's the widest strip of beach in the Nuweiba area so is good for a spot of swimming and sandcastle action.
Dive Site in Nuweiba

Ras Mumlach

A sloping reef about 30km south of Nuweiba interspersed with enormous boulders and excellent table corals. Depth: 10m to 25m. Rating: intermediate. Access: shore.
Dive Site in Nuweiba

Ras Shaitan

The highlight of this dive 15km north of Nuweiba is undoubtedly the contoured topography, including narrow valleys, sand-filled depressions and deep chasms. Depth: 10m to 30m. Rating: intermediate. Access: shore.
Seafood in Nuweiba

Cleopatra Restaurant

One of the more popular tourist restaurants in Nuweiba City (not that there's much competition), Cleopatra offers up the bounty of the sea along with a few Western fast-food favourites.
Asian in Nuweiba

Han Kang

This surprisingly good Chinese restaurant hits the spot, especially if you’ve been on the road for a while and can’t bear to look at another falafel sandwich.
Beach in Nuweiba


This large sand dune marks the end of Nuweiba City and the beginning of the Tarabin beachfront area. If you're in the Tarabin area, it's a good swimming spot.
Beach in Nuweiba

Tarabin Beach

Tarabin's skinny strip of beach is a mix of golden sand and small pebbles and has a decent snorkelling reef just offshore.