Nuweiba in detail


Dive Sites

The dive sites around Nuweiba tend to be less busy than others along the Gulf of Aqaba and host an impressive variety of marine life. Shallow reefs offshore are reasonable places for snorkelling, but the best spot is Stone House Reef just south of town.

Camel & Jeep Safaris

The desert around Nuweiba has plenty of lush oases and interesting rock formations to explore. Camps in Tarabin and along the Nuweiba–Taba road can organise trips to the outlying area. We recommend choosing a local Bedouin guide – not only does it benefit those typically marginalised by tour operators from the Nile Valley, but there have been some instances of travellers lost in the desert without water because their so-called guides didn’t know the routes.

Itineraries – and, as a result, prices – are generally custom-designed, but expect to pay from about LE300 to LE400 per person per day for a safari including all food and water.