Top things to do in Northern Nile Valley

Top Choice Monument in Abydos

Temple of Seti I

The first structure you’ll see at Abydos is the Great Temple of Seti I, which, after a certain amount of restoration work, is one of the most complete, unique and beautiful temples in Egypt. With exquisite decoratio…
Top Choice Temple in Northern Nile Valley


As the main cult centre of Osiris, god of the dead, Abydos (known as Ibdju in ancient times) was the place to be buried in ancient Egypt. The tomb of Djer, the third pharaoh of the 1st dynasty (c 3000 BC) was identi…
Top Choice Temple in Qena


Dendara was an important administrative and religious centre as early as the 6th dynasty (c 2320 BC). Although built at the very end of the Pharaonic period, the Temple of Hathor is one of the iconic Egyptian buildi…
Top Choice Monastery in Sohag

Red Monastery

The Red Monastery, 4km southeast of the White Monastery and hidden at the rear of a village, is one of the most remarkable Christian buildings in Egypt. It was founded by Besa, a disciple of Shenouda who, according …
Top Choice Monument in Northern Nile Valley

Beni Hasan

The necropolis of Beni Hasan occupies a range of east-bank limestone cliffs some 20km south of Minya. Most of the superb tombs date from the 11th and 12th dynasties (2125–1795 BC), the 39 upper tombs belonging to no…
Top Choice Monument in Hermopolis

Tuna Al Gebel

Tuna Al Gebel was the necropolis of Hermopolis; about 5km past the village of Tuna Al Gebel you'll find the catacombs and tombs of the residents and sacred animals. The dark catacomb galleries once held many thousan…
Top Choice Tomb in Beni Hasan

Tomb of Amenemhat (No 2)

Amenemhat was a 12th-dynasty governor of Oryx. His tomb is the largest and possibly the best at Beni Hasan and, like that of Khnumhotep, its impressive facade and interior decoration mark a clear departure from the …
Top Choice Egyptian in Minya

Bondookah Restaurant

The best grilled meat in Minya in an unfussy 2nd-floor restaurant. Grilled chicken, lamb chops, tagen (a stew cooked in a deep clay pot) and, best of all, kofta. There are salads, rice and bread, soft drinks and a g…
Top Choice Egyptian in Asyut

Koshari Alaa Eldin

Excellent kushari (a mix of noodles, rice, black lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce) from this friendly, simple place on one of the main streets in town.
Monument in Abydos


Directly behind the Temple of Seti I, the Osireion is a weird and wonderful structure, unique in Egypt and still baffling for Egyptologists. The entire structure is closed to visitors, making inspection of the funer…