Northern Nile Valley restaurants

Top Choice Egyptian in Minya

Bondookah Restaurant

The best grilled meat in Minya in an unfussy 2nd-floor restaurant. Grilled chicken, lamb chops, tagen (a stew cooked in a deep clay pot) and, best of all, kofta. There are salads, rice and bread, soft drinks and a g…
Top Choice Egyptian in Asyut

Koshari Alaa Eldin

Excellent kushari (a mix of noodles, rice, black lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce) from this friendly, simple place on one of the main streets in town.
Pastries in Asyut

La Poire

Excellent Egyptian and international pastries and ice cream in an offshoot of an upmarket Cairo patisserie. The kunafa (vermicelli-like pastry over a vanilla base soaked in syrup) with dates and almonds (LE110 a kil…
Egyptian in Minya

Sea Foul Palace

Some of the best fuul (fava bean paste) and ta’amiyya (falafel) in town from this takeaway beside the old Palace Hotel. Grab a bag-full and sit in the square, or up the road on the corniche, and watch the world go b…
Egyptian in Minya

El Khalil Grill

A popular, no-nonsense, reliable kebab and grill restaurant for when you need a meat fix, El Khalil is something of a legend in Minya. Kebabs (LE250 a kilo) are the main item. No alcohol, but there's a really good j…
Egyptian in Minya

Savoy Restaurant

A busy corner restaurant near the station, the Savoy serves reliable rotisserie chicken and kebabs in a busy restaurant with air-con. They also do takeaway.