Top things to do

Museum in Mut

Ethnographic Museum

Dakhla’s wonderful museum is only opened on request: ask at the tourist office (or call) and Omar Ahmad will arrange a time for your visit with the museum’s manager, Ibrahim Kamel. The museum is laid out as a tradit…
Egyptian Fast Food in Mut

Fatri el-Wadi

Fresh-from-the-oven fiteer, made to order by a friendly crew.
Egyptian in Mut

Ahmed Hamdy's Restaurant

On the main road into town is Ahmed Hamdy’s popular place serving delicious chicken, kebabs, vegetables and a few other small dishes inside or on the terrace. The freshly squeezed lime juice is excellent and you can…
Egyptian in Mut

Said Shihad

Owner Said is on to a good thing here: grilling up a meat-centric feast nightly to a dedicated following of hungry locals. The shish kebab is the thing to go for – perfectly succulent and served with potatoes in a t…
Ruins in Mut

Old Town of Mut

For much of old Mut’s existence, the villagers lived with the threat of raiding Bedouin. Most houses here have no outside windows, thus protecting against intruders and keeping out the heat and wind of the desert. T…
Mosque in Mut


Mut's main mosque is located on Midan al-Gamaa.
Egyptian in Mut

El Forsan Cafe

Behind El-Forsan Hotel (you can walk through the hotel to enter), this surprisingly lush patch of grass is home to a garden cafe that serves up mammoth feasts of simple but fresh Egyptian flavours, including all man…
Ruins in Mut

Old Citadel

There are great views of the new town and the desert beyond from the top of Mut's the old citadel (the original town centre).