Train Station in Alexandria

Misr Train Station

The city's main train terminal, Mahattat Misr, is about 1km south of Midan Ramla. If you’re arriving in Alexandria and going to the city centre around Midan Saad Zaghloul, make sure you stay on until this stop.
Train Station in Alexandria

Sidi Gaber Train Station

Mahattat Sidi Gaber train station serves the eastern suburbs. Trains from Cairo stop at Sidi Gaber before Mahattat Misr station, and most locals get off here.
Bus in Alexandria

Super Jet

The most central Super Jet office in Alexandria, near Sidi Gaber railway station.
Car Rental in Alexandria


A full range of cars for hire, with drivers available for an additional US$20-40 per day.
Tickets in Marsa Matruh

West & Mid Delta Bus Co

In summer there’s a West & Mid Delta office open in the centre on Sharia Alexandria.
Bus in Alexandria

Go Bus Ticket Office

Buses leave from Midan Saad Zaghloul and various other pick-up points in town.
Bus in Alexandria

West & Mid Delta Bus Co

A convenient city-centre booking office.
Airport in Alexandria

Burg Al Arab Airport

Bus Stop in Alexandria

Servees & Microbuses to Aboukir