Arts Centre in Alexandria

Teatro Eskandariya

Bustling arts centre in the heart of Alexandria, offering live gigs, contemporary theatre, film screenings and art exhibitions. There is a book and craft shop, a restaurant serving stews and salads, and a cool cafe.

Arts Centre in Alexandria

Jesuit Cultural Center

Very active cultural centre offering contemporary theatre, film screenings, contemporary art exhibitions and music performances, of Egyptian artists and those from around the world. There is a small cafe on the...

Performing Arts in Alexandria

Alexandria Centre of Arts

This active cultural centre, housed in a whitewashed villa, hosts contemporary arts exhibitions, poetry readings and occasional free concerts in its theatre. There is also an art studio, a library and a cinema on...

Opera in Alexandria

Alexandria Opera House

The former Sayed Darwish Theatre has been refurbished and now this lovely, frivolous building houses the city’s modestly proportioned but splendid opera house.