Top things to do in Marsa Alam

Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Marsa Alam

Sha’ab Samadai

This lagoon 18km south-east of Marsa Alam is home to three dive sites with a reef system full of interesting coral pinnacles and fish life. What makes Samadai so special, though, is the pod of spinner dolphins (numb…
Top Choice Music in Marsa Alam

3alganoob Music Festival

Egypt's only modern music festival, this three-day feast at Tondoba Bay, 14km south of Marsa Alam, features the country's most interesting independent bands in every genre from electronica to alternative rock. Campi…
Top Choice Italian in Marsa Alam

Dolce e Salato

The best Italian food in Marsa Alam, prepared by Mara from Rome. Pizzas are shortcrust, made using extra virgin olive oil, and range from a simple Margherita to pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato. The pastas and salad…
Dive Site in Marsa Alam


North of Marsa Alam, Elphinstone has steep reef walls covered with soft corals and is washed by strong currents that make it ideal for spotting sharks – seven species reportedly frequent its waters. This is one of t…
Dive Site in Marsa Alam

Rocky Island

A sandy island east of Berenice, Rocky Island has a range of dive possibilities, including a 25m drop off the east side of the island. Plenty of coral and reef life, including a range of sharks. Rating: advanced.
Archaeological Site in Marsa Alam


Founded in 275 BC by Ptolemy II Philadelphus, Berenice was one of the most important harbours and trading posts on the Red Sea coast from about the 3rd to the 5th century AD. Remnants of the ancient town, including …
Dive Site in Marsa Alam


Atop an inshore reef 60km north of Berenice lies the wreck of this 65m-long cargo ship. Lying on its side in just 14m of water, Hamada is a fairly easy, extremely picturesque dive site. Depth: 6m to 14m. Rating: nov…
Dive Site in Marsa Alam

Sataya Reef

Horseshoe-shaped Sataya, 50km north of Berenice, is the main reef of the Fury Shoals, and has steep walls leading down to a sandy slope scattered with a great variety of coral heads. Depth: 4m to 40m. Rating: interm…
Egyptian in Marsa Alam

Mashrabiya Restaurant

A friendly, local grill on Marsa Alam's main drag, serving kofta (spiced mincemeat grilled on a skewer), chicken, kebab hala (pot-roast meat) and meat fatta (meat, rice and bread soaked in a garlicky-vinegary sauce)…
Dive Site in Marsa Alam

Sha’ab Sharm

Impressive topography and excellent marine life (hammerheads, barracuda, groper and yellowmouth moray eels) mark this large, kidney-shaped offshore reef 30km north-east of Wadi Gimal. Depth: 15m to more than 40m. Ra…