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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Luxor


This delightful treasure trove of Egyptian crafts, near Medinat Habu on the west bank, is run by friendly Khairy and his family. Inside you'll find beautiful pottery from the Western Oases, Siwan embroideries, a col…
Arts & Crafts in Luxor


Run by an Australian woman who promotes the best of Egyptian crafts, Habiba sells an ever-expanding selection of top quality Bedouin embroidery, jewellery, leatherwork, wonderful Siwan scarves, cotton embroidered sc…
Market in Luxor

Souq At Talaat

The wonderful weekly market Souq At Talaat, in Taref, is held opposite the Temple of Seti I. Look for locally grown fruit and vegetables, and sometimes also handicrafts (baskets) aimed at villagers. It's also a way …
Books in Luxor

Aboudi Bookshop & Coffeshop

For more than a century, Aboudi has been offering an excellent selection of guidebooks, English-language books on Egypt and the Middle East, maps, postcards and fiction. If you need a read, this is the place to come…
Arts & Crafts in Luxor


A new shop a short walk from the west bank ferry landing selling a selection of original and beautifully designed objects, from pottery, wood and alabaster to fashion.
Souvenirs in Luxor

AA Gaddis Bookshop

Next door to the Winter Palace Hotel, as it has been for generations, Gaddis has an extensive selection of books on Egypt, postcards and souvenirs.
Food in Luxor


The best kunafa (vermicelli-like pastry over a vanilla base soaked in syrup) and other Egyptian pastries in Luxor.
Arts & Crafts in Luxor

Abo El Hassan Alabaster Factory

Mohamed Yousef's shop has a wide range of alabaster and other carved stone on sale. Unlike many other alabaster shops, he will admit that the stone doesn't come from the Theban hills, but from Asyut and Minya. There…
Arts & Crafts in Luxor

Fair Trade Centre

This shop markets handicrafts from NGO projects throughout Egypt. It has well-priced hand-carved wood and pottery from the nearby villages of Hejaza and Garagos, aromatic oils from Quz, beadwork from Sinai, hand-blo…
Food in Luxor

Sa-Re Gourmet Food

A Franco-Belgian project that adds some class to eating options on the west bank. They raise their own ducks in Luxor to produce foie gras, rillettes and duck à l'orange and a range of other foods, from carrot soup …