Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Luxor


This delightful shop, the only one of its kind on the west bank, is kept by the friendly Hamdi and his family in their newly refurbished house near Medinat Habu. Recognising that making crafts was one of the few thi…
Souvenirs in Luxor

AA Gaddis Bookshop

Next door to the Winter Palace Hotel, as it has been for generations; extensive selection of books on Egypt, postcards and souvenirs.
Books in Luxor

Aboudi Bookshop

Has an excellent selection of guidebooks, English-language books on Egypt and the Middle East, maps, postcards and fiction.
Arts & Crafts in Luxor

Fair Trade Centre

A shop that markets handicrafts from NGO projects throughout Egypt. It has well-priced hand-carved wood and pottery from the nearby villages of Hejaza and Garagos, aromatic oils from Quz, beadwork from Sinai, hand-b…
Arts & Crafts in Luxor


Run by an Australian woman who wants to promote the best of Egyptian crafts, Habiba sells an ever-expanding selection of Bedouin embroidery, jewellery, leather work, wonderful Siwan scarves, cotton embroidered scarv…
Market in Luxor

Souq at-Talaat

Head for the wonderful weekly market Souq at-Talaat, in Taref opposite the Temple of Seti I.
Drinks in Luxor

Duty Free Shop Luxor

Shop for cigarettes and alcohol at the downtown duty free, which has a good selection of the main brands. You need to bring your passport and come within 48 hours of arrival in Egypt. The branch at the Karnak temple…
Books in Luxor

Aboudi Bookshop

Part of the same family as the Aboudi Bookshop on Sharia Maabad al-Karnak, this bookshop also has a great selection of English-language books on Egypt and the Middle East, maps and postcards. Behind the post office.
Arts & Crafts in Luxor

Habiba Craft

A small shop near the Hilton Luxor selling a small, select range of Egyptian crafts.
Arts & Crafts in Luxor

Fair Trade Centre Craft

Although the range comes nowhere near the quality on offer around the corner at Habiba, this shop sells glass, pottery and other Egyptian souvenirs.