Top Choice Ice Cream in Luxor

Wenkie's German Ice Cream & Iced Coffee Parlour

For people who only opened up shop in February 2014, Ernst and Babette Wenk have quickly become legends, serving the finest, freshest most delicious ice cream in Luxor – some are saying even in the world. Using orga…
Top Choice Egyptian in Luxor

Sofra Restaurant & Café

Sofra remains our favourite restaurant in Luxor. Both the intimate salons and the spacious rooftop terrace of this 1930s house are stylishly decorated, sprinkled with antique furniture, chandeliers and original tile…
Egyptian in Luxor

As-Sahaby Lane

This easy-going al fresco restaurant, adjoining the Nefertiti Hotel, takes over the alleyway running between the souq and the street to the Karnak temples. Fresh and well-prepared Egyptian standards like fiteer and …
Egyptian in Luxor

Restaurant Mohammed

Mohammed’s is a blast of old-time Luxor, a simple, family-run restaurant attached to the owner’s mud-brick house, where charming Mohammed Abdel Lahi serves with his son Azab, while his wife cooks. The small menu inc…
Italian in Luxor

Pizza Roma.It

The most popular Italian restaurant in Luxor. Run by an Italian woman and her Egyptian partner, this cosy orange-painted restaurant serves a long list of pastas and pizzas, as well as some classic Italian meat dishe…
Mediterranean in Luxor


In keeping with its flamboyant decor, Al-Moudira has the most sophisticated and most expensive food on the west bank, with great salads and grills at lunchtime. The more elaborate dinner menu, which changes daily, h…
Cafe in Luxor

Oasis Palace Cafe

A rather charming and intimate cafe-restaurant set in a building dating back to the early 20th century, with high-ceilinged salons which still cling on to some of their original plaster lintel details. The menu is a…
Egyptian in Luxor

Chez Omar

This relaxed cafe with shaded garden seating off the main souq is perfect for taking a break from the buzz around. It dishes up rustic Egyptian dishes of kofta and pigeon, fresh salads and some of the tastiest liver…
International in Luxor

Nile Valley Hotel

A popular rooftop restaurant with a bird’s-eye view of the west bank’s waterfront, the river and Luxor Temple, the Nile Valley has a wide-ranging menu of Egyptian and international specialities. It is also a good pl…
Egyptian in Luxor

Abu Ashraf

This large, popular restaurant and takeaway is just down from the train station. It serves roast chicken, pizzas, good kushari and kebabs.