Luxor in detail


Luxor has a wide range of hotels for all budgets, although since the 2011 revolution and following tourism slump, visitor numbers have dropped dramatically and several places have closed their doors.

Budget hotels on the west bank are particularly good value, quieter than their east bank counterparts and offering a more authentic encounter with locals. The east bank has plenty of modern midrange hotels, with good facilities and attractive rates.

Self-Catering Rental

Families or those planning a prolonged stay in Luxor might consider a self-catering option. Flat rental is mushrooming in Luxor, on both banks; it is cheap, and many foreigners are getting involved in the business. The downside of self-catering is sex tourism, as there is very little control as to whom people can bring in, whereas in hotels foreigners are not allowed to take guests back to their room.

Several companies can arrange flat rentals, including Flats in Luxor, run by a British-Egyptian couple who started renting out their own flats but now also manage others. The websites and also have a wide selection of flats and houses available.


At all costs avoid hotel touts, who may pounce on you as you get off the train or bus; they will get a 25% to 40% commission for bringing you to a hotel, but that will be added to your bill. Many budget and midrange hotels offer free or cheap transfers from the airport or train station, so to avoid touts and bargaining with taxi drivers, call ahead and arrange to be picked up.