Luxor in detail

Drinking & Nightlife

Luxor goes to sleep early and is increasingly conservative, but there are still places where you will find drinking – in hotels for alcohol and cafes for soft drinks. Nights on the west bank are occasionally stirred by a belly dance show.

West Bank

There are no real bars on the west bank; drinking is mostly done at restaurants or not at all.

East Bank

Even without booming tourism, Luxor can be busy at night. Luxor Temple is open until 10pm and worth seeing at night; the souq is open late as well and more lively at night than during the day. In summer lots of locals stroll along the corniche. At sundown, settle onto an east bank riverside cafe or the terrace of the Winter Palace Hotel for a sundowner.

Luxor is not a place for clubbing, even if you’re into dancing to outmoded disco music. There are some bars with decent atmosphere, and most of the larger hotels put on a folkloric show if they have enough business.

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Drinking & Nightlife