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Legal Matters

Foreign travellers are subject to Egyptian laws and get no special consideration. If you are arrested, you have the right to telephone your embassy immediately.

Bribes Egypt is notoriously corrupt, but don’t assume this means you can pay your way through. You may encounter an official who’d like to exploit the awkward situation you’re in, and of course, your bribe only perpetuates the system.

Drugs Drug use can be penalised by hanging, and you’ll get no exemption just because you’re a tourist. That said, you will no doubt be offered at least hashish during your travels, especially in backpacker-friendly zones. We highly recommend you don't accept the offer.

Political activity Post-revolution, police are particularly suspicious of ‘foreign agitators’ or anyone who could be perceived as such, including journalists and people working for NGOs. Both writers and foreign students have been detained on charges of abetting violence. Some have been tortured and at least one killed. It’s best to avoid political affiliation of any kind, and avoid taking photos of government buildings and other sensitive areas.