Egyptian pound (LE)


The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel to some parts of Egypt.


Immigration in Cairo


In Cairo all visa business is carried out at the Mogamma, a 14-storey Egypto-Stalinist monolith that is rumoured to be closing at some point in the near future.

Tourist Information in Luxor

Antiquities Inspectorate Ticket Office

The Antiquities Inspectorate ticket office, near Medinat Habu, provides all tickets except for those for the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut, the Assasif tombs (available at the Temple of Hatshepsut ticket office),...

Tourist Information in Luxor

Main Tourist Office

Very helpful and well-informed tourist information opposite the train station, run by Taher Eladesy. There is also an office for hotel bookings, tours and tickets for the sound and light show in Karnak. There's a...

Travel Agency in Cairo

Egypt Panorama Tours

Just south of Ma’adi metro station, this is one of the best-established agencies in town. Organises private guides, group day-tours of Cairo sights and longer itineraries as well as bookings for Nile and Lake...

Bank in Siwa Oasis

Banque du Caire

Two-hundred metres north from the King Fuad Mosque, this bank is purported to be the only all-mud-brick bank in the world. The ATM usually works but – just in case – you're better off bringing enough money to...

Tourist Information in Sinai Coast

Nabq Protectorate Visitors Centre

Nabq Protectorate's visitors' centre is located off the road leading from Sharm El Sheikh past the airport and Ras Nasrany. Within the park itself, you’ll find several hiking trails, clearly marked snorkelling...

Immigration in Alexandria

Passport Office

Does visa extensions, usually on the same day. You need one passport-size photo, a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport, the passport itself and LE13. Go to counter 8 on the 2nd floor; it’s a good...

Tourist Information in St Katherine Protectorate

St Katherine Protectorate Office

The St Katherine Protectorate Office, located at the tourist village near the entrance to Al Milga, is where you’ll find informative guides to four ‘interpretive trails’ established in the area, including one for...

Pharmacy in Cairo

Misr Pharmacy

Modern and well-stocked pharmacy with other branches throughout the city. As well as medicines, this pharmacy has a top-notch selection of skin care products with plenty of hard-to-find elsewhere international...

Tourist Information in Alexandria

Mohandes Mostafa El Fadaly

A mohandes (engineer) sells a street map of Alexandria (LE40) that he created, indispensable if you’re spending any significant time in the city. Find Mostafa above the Mr Sanyo clothes store.

Tourist Information in Minya

Tourist Office

Their hours seem to be variable and they are often closed, which reflects the state of tourism in town, but there is tourist office in the station and if open, they may be able to help with information.

Hospital in Aswan

Evangelical Mission Hospital

The Evangelical Mission Hospital (EMH) is more than a hundred years old, but it has had a revamp with the help of the Reformed Church of America. It is now considered one of the top hospitals in town.

Tourist Information in Tell Al Amarna

Ticket Office

There used to be a bus for touring the site, but it was not running at the time of our visit. As the site is so large, the only viable way of visiting is to come by private taxi or with your own car.

Tourist Information in Aswan

Main Tourist Office

This tourist office has little in the way of glossy brochures, but staff here are clued up on transport timetables and super friendly. They can also advise you on prices for taxis and felucca trips.

Tourist Information in Minya

Tourist Office

The tourist office in the centre of town and facing the Nile might look derelict, but the willing staff should be able to help with basic information regarding hotels, excursions and onward travel.

Tourist Information in Cairo

Monastery Headquarters

For enquiries or to confirm visiting times to St Paul's and St Anthony's Monasteries on the Red Sea Coast, contact the monastery headquarters located off Clot Bey, south of Midan Ramses in Cairo.

Tourist Information in Al Fayoum

Fayoum Tourism Authority

The Fayoum Tourism Authority has an office next to the waterwheels in Al Fayoum’s main town, but it’s not always staffed; the same goes for a kiosk by the Helnan Auberge Fayoum on Lake Qarun.

Embassy in Cairo

Sudanese Embassy

Can usually issue same-day visas to Sudan if you arrive by 10am; otherwise, visa service is next-day pickup. You need your passport, four passport photos, a letter from your embassy and US$100.

Tourist Information in Siwa Oasis

Tourist Office

Siwa’s tourist officer, Mahdi Hweiti, is extremely knowledgeable about the oasis and can help arrange desert safaris or trips to surrounding villages. The office is opposite the bus station.