Top things to do

Beach in Hurghada

Hurghada Public Beach

Hurghada's public beach is not so appealing. You're better off paying for day-access at one of the resorts.
Bar in Hurghada

South Beach

This beach bar has a lovely patch of sand, a good restaurant and plenty of live music to dance to in the evening. It's also home to Egypt's first ice-bar. Yep, you don't get much more bizarre than walking out of bli…
Egyptian in Hurghada

Abu Khadigah

For authentic Egyptian kebabs and other local staples, Abu Khadigah is just the ticket. It's known for its kofta (mincemeat and spices grilled on a skewer) and stuffed cabbage leaves.
Bar in Hurghada

Papas Bar

The centre of Hurghada nightlife is this popular Dutch-run bar. Filled with diving instructors and other foreign residents, it’s lively and has a great atmosphere most nights.
International in Hurghada

Shade Bar & Grill

If you’re pining for a steak look no further. Sprawl out on the terrace beanbags and order your red meat fix. For those too lazy to bar-hop, Shade conveniently turns into a popular bar late at night.
Seafood in Hurghada


For affordable, fresh seafood with an Egyptian twist Kastan is one of Hurghada’s top choices. We love their hearty and filling seafood soup and cheap shrimp curry. It may not have the slick location of the restauran…
Egyptian Fast Food in Hurghada


If you're looking for cheap, filling and tasty Egyptian staples, you can't go wrong with Egypt's favourite fast-food restaurant. The sprawling menu covers everything from felafel and shwarma to fiteer (Egyptian flak…
Bar in Hurghada


This relaxed pub dishes up live music every Sunday and Wednesday and plays an eclectic mash of rock, blues and soul at other times. An easy-going vibe, decent bar menu and pool table make it an all-round winner.
Dive Site in Hurghada

Siyul Kebira

The reef’s upper section is home to bannerfish, angelfish and snappers. If the current is strong, you can drift along the wall skirting the edges of huge coral outcroppings. Depth: 10m to 30m. Rating: intermediate.
Dive Site in Hurghada

Sha’ab al-Erg

Ease of access means this is an excellent dive site for beginners, though veteran divers will still enjoy the towering brain corals and fan-encrusted rock formations. Depth: 5m to 15m. Rating: novice.