Egyptian in Hurghada

Nubian Cafe

In a town where international food rules, it's nice to see someone taking a stand for Egyptian cuisine. The Nubian Cafe does flavoursome tagens (stew cooked in a deep clay pot); good mezze, including a scrumptious b…
Egyptian in Hurghada


If you're looking for cheap, filling and tasty Egyptian staples, you can't go wrong with Egypt's favourite fast-food restaurant. The sprawling menu covers everything from falafel and shawarma to fiteer and full keba…
Asian in Hurghada

White Elephant

After a hot day there's nothing like a spicy and zingy Thai feast to help you sweat it out. If you let them know you can handle it, White Elephant doesn't scrimp on the heat factor either. Head here when you have a …
Egyptian in Hurghada

Abu Khadigah

For authentic Egyptian kebabs and other local staples, Abu Khadigah is just the ticket. It's known for its kofta (spiced mincemeat patties grilled on a skewer) and stuffed cabbage leaves.
Egyptian in Hurghada


This branch of the popular fast-food restaurant is always bustling with customers feasting on falafel and shawarma.
Egyptian in Hurghada


This place makes up for its understated location and interior with some fresh seafood (the fish market is close by). Fish is priced by weight, but there are plenty of cheaper grills and seafood dishes on the menu.
International in Hurghada

Restaurant B's

With some creative Mediterranean-style starters and a mains menu packed full of meaty options taking their inspiration from around the globe, Restaurant B's has a lot more flair than other Hurghada options. For a sl…
Seafood in Hurghada


For affordable, fresh seafood with an Egyptian twist Kastan is one of Hurghada’s top choices. We love their hearty and filling seafood soup and cheap shrimp curry. It may not have the slick location of the restauran…
Indian in Hurghada


Dishing up a taste of the subcontinent in Hurghada, Ma'Sa'La is the place to head when you're hankering for a curry. The menu is Anglo-style Indian and the spice is tasty rather than hot but it's all executed brilli…
International in Hurghada

Moby Dick

People rave about Moby Dick's succulent steaks but it also pasta and seafood as well, and has a fine line in crispy, fresh salads. There's a really nice vibe here and the helpful, chatty staff seems to really care a…