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Tuna Al Gebel

Tuna Al Gebel was the necropolis of Hermopolis; about 5km past the village of Tuna Al Gebel you'll find the catacombs and tombs of the residents and sacred animals. The dark catacomb galleries once held many thousan…
Tomb in Hermopolis

Tomb of Petosiris

The Tomb of Petosiris, a high priest of Thoth from the late period (between the Persian and Greek conquests), is unusual because it copies the form of what has come to be labelled as a Ptolemaic temple. Like his ela…
Tomb in Hermopolis

Tomb of Isadora

Isadora was a wealthy woman who drowned in the Nile during the rule of Antoninus Pius (AD 138–161). Her tomb has few decorations but it does contain the unfortunate woman’s mummy, with her teeth, hair and fingernail…