Egypt entertainment

Traditional Music in Cairo


The Egyptian Centre for Culture & Art runs this intimate space dedicated to folk music. Don’t miss the traditional women’s zar, a sort of musical trance and healing ritual on Wednesday nights (doors open at 8.30…
Traditional Music in Cairo

El Dammah Theatre

Regular Thursday, Friday and Saturday shows by musical ensembles such as Rango, a trancey Sudanese folk group, and the El Tanboura Band, playing simsimiyya, a musical style from the Suez Canal region, as well as oth…
Arts Centre in Alexandria

Teatro Eskandariya

Bustling arts centre in the heart of Alexandria, offering live gigs, contemporary theatre, film screenings and art exhibitions. There is a book and craft shop, a restaurant serving stews and salads, and a cool cafe.
Arts Centre in Cairo

Darb 1718

This super-cool creative space aims to be a ‘trampoline’ for contemporary art, which gives an idea of the fun to be found here – there's a regular program of concerts by Egyptian bands and movie screenings at night …
Show in Philae

Sound & Light Show

Although the commentary is predictably cheesy, you really can't beat strolling through Philae's temple at night. Show times, with commentary in alternate languages, have a habit of changing, so it's best to double-c…
Live Music in Cairo

El Sawy Culture Wheel

Egyptian rock and jazz bands play at this lively and very active complex of a dozen performance spaces and galleries tucked under a bridge overpass. There are also regular performances by the El Sakia Puppet Theatre…
Show in Abu Simbel

Sound & Light Show

A sound-and-light show is performed nightly at Abu Simbel. Headphones are provided, allowing visitors to listen to the commentary in various languages. While the text is flowery and forgettable, the laser show proje…
Opera in Cairo

Cairo Opera House

Performances by the Cairo Opera and the Cairo Symphony Orchestra are held in the 1200-seat Main Hall, where jacket and tie are required for men (travellers have been known to borrow them from staff). The Small Hall …
Puppet Theatre in Cairo

Cairo Puppet Theatre

Keeping Cairene kids entertained since 1959, this is the Arab world's biggest puppet theatre. Shows are in Arabic but are colourful and animated enough to entertain all ages. It's a bit tricky to locate; take the fe…
Dance in Cairo

Al Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe

Egypt’s only Sufi dance troupe – more raucous and colourful than the better-known white-clad Turkish dervishes – puts on a mesmerising performance three times weekly at the Wikala of Al Ghouri just off Sharia Al Azh…