Show in Abu Simbel

Sound & Light Show

A sound and light show is performed nightly at Abu Simbel. Headphones are provided, allowing visitors to listen to the commentary in various languages. While the text is flowery and forgettable, the laser show proje…
Performing Arts in Alexandria

Alexandria Centre of Arts

This active cultural centre, housed in a whitewashed villa, hosts contemporary-arts exhibitions, poetry readings and occasional free concerts in its theatre. There is also an art studio, a library and a cinema on th…
Opera in Alexandria

Alexandria Opera House

The former Sayed Darwish Theatre has been refurbished and now houses the city’s modestly proportioned but splendid opera house.
Concert Venue in Aswan

Palace of Culture

Between October and February/March, Aswan’s folkloric dance troupe very sporadically performs Nubian tahtib (dance performed with wooden staves) and songs depicting village life. Call to check about performan…
Performing Arts in Alexandria

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is the most important cultural venue in town, hosting major music festivals, international concerts and performances. Check the website to see what's happening while you're in town.
Cinema in Heliopolis

Citystars Centre

Megaplex at the mall with 12 screens.